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Aviation and Travel Careers

Aviation and Travel CareersHundreds of thousands of flights are made each year in just one airline. With the travel demands from businessmen, entertainers and common individuals through an air carrier, airlines would always have the need for skilled and efficient aviation and travel experts. Aside from being a pilot or aviator, aviation and travel field also calls for individuals who have knowledge on the other aspects of the field like travel agents and tour guides. Check out the possible career path you may take and the best in the field you’ve taken. Aviation and travel have always been fun and motivating so if you wish to be a part of it, do so.

Aviation is a very rewarding career. It takes real courage, skill and passion to be a very efficient and dedicated aviator. Airlines and pilots are obviously inseparable. Without the pilots, planes would could not in operation.

Being a pilot is both financially and professionally rewarding. No matter how fulfilling it is though, not a lot are too willing to take this career course due to the demands of the job. This calls for personal commitment and self-sacrifice but for a person with big dreams, a piloting career is the perfect 'calling' for him.

Airline pilot's task and responsibilities include the following:

  • ensures that the safety systems are working perfectly.
  • ensures that all the route, weather, aircraft and passenger information are correct and accurate.
  • does a regular checking on the aircraft's technical condition to ensure a safe flight
  • updates the aircraft logbook and makes a report about the flight for some incidents or problems that took place.

These are just actually a few of the many responsibilities of an airline pilot. If you think that these responsibilities are easy for you to take, well then a career is already waiting for you.

While airline pilots usually carries a passengers to a certain destination, commercial pilots usually do the more technical side of piloting. They could be sent on rescue search missions, law enforcement jobs, fire fighting and traffic monitoring. Theses are just actually a few of the possible jobs a commercial pilot does. Commercial pilots are handed a prepared flight plan with a weather forecast briefing. Things should be analyzed before they do a take off.

Aviation is fun and fulfilling but calls for excellent abilities and skills like:

  • possessing the ability to take leadership roles
  • ability to follow directions
  • ability in a sound decision-making
  • excellent knowledge in the use of navigation devices like maps, compass and GPS

Being a travel agent is also a good career to take. There are some courses or trainings a person could take to be a certified travel agent. Being affiliated with travel agencies and airlines would be an advantage for a travel agent. As the name implies, a travel agent plans for a trip which includes accommodation and transportation. Part of the job also includes determining the destinations, travel dates and cost of the travel.

One should be well-rounded but does not need to have travelled a lot though that could be another advantage so you would have first hand experience and information about where would be a good place to go and why would it be a perfect place for travel.

Whatever career path you wanted to take, just keep in mind that having the full knowledge and skill in the field you've taken would make you the best in your expertise.