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What Are Some Pointers To Keep In Mind When Looking For A Career In Business?

July 17,2010 by: Maxim Thomas

It is understood that having a stellar educational record will give you an edge when looking for a career in the business world. Add to that other qualifications and experience, and you just might get the job of your dream.

Keep these things in mind when you’re looking to have a career in business:

  • Know what specific area you want and are most suited to venture into. There are several business careers that demand attention and exploration, such as Accounting, Management, Finance, and Advertising. Be sure that the area of your choice matches your area of expertise and qualifications.
  • Prepare adequately. Many people are disheartened to learn that landing the job of your dreams requires having “connections”. While some people do indeed get their jobs through links and the “right people” they know, the fact is that such cases are limited. The truth is that most people land the jobs they want by following normal, standard procedures and protocol: sending a resume, getting interviewed, etc.
  • Sending extremely decorative resumes and perpetually showing off and not telling your weakness during the interview will not make you more marketable. The fact is, employers or hiring managers do not care if your resume is printed on scented paper as much as the content of your resume. Also, it is utterly important to be honest. The consequences will be worse when your employer finds out that you are not able to deliver on your boasts during the interview. A word of advice: it is good to customize your resume depending on the company or employer you are sending it to.
  • Be prepared to start at the bottom. Most people believe that their degree is enough to hitch them a spot in the higher level, when in fact, it does not. As long as you are a new graduate with little or no experience, you are expected to start at the bottom of the rung. The choice is yours, whether you intend to stay there or do what it takes to move up.

Once you have landed the job, a plethora of choices and opportunities await you. Some opt to further their area of expertise by attending graduate school. This is best for people who intend to stay in the long haul and are vying for higher positions in the company. Others use the period of their employment to build their own experience and extend their knowledge which they plan to use later in their own business venture.

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