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What are my career options if I take up Engineering?

September 08,2010 by: Maxim Thomas

You can choose to be any kind of engineer in different fields like.

Aerospace engineers simulate and test aircrafts, satellites, rockets, spacecrafts as well as missiles. They also design and analyze aerospace materials and vehicles. Working as an aerospace engineer gives you the opportunity to be sent on a space mission in the future.

Audio engineers create different kinds of sounds which are used in computer games, movies as well as TV shows. This career is both a challenge and an expression of artistic capabilities.

Agricultural and biological engineers apply their knowledge on technology to agriculture and biological resources. They devise methods in for the advancement of agricultural production.

Biomedical engineers develop new technology based on their studies on biology and medicine which will uplift the quality of health care.

Ceramic and Materials engineers utilize their technical and artistic skills in creating useful materials that we use in our day to day living like our phones.

Chemical engineers study different kinds of chemicals and their reactions to different kinds of substances. They do a lot of research and experiments to come up with new and better substances like paints, plastics, medicines, paper, fertilizers, fuels, and other kinds of chemicals. They are part of the society’s force in preserving and protecting our environment in devising technologies that are environment-friendly.

Civil engineers build different kinds of establishments. They see to it that construction of different buildings is according to plan. They build roads, bridges, flyovers, skyscrapers as well as water reservoirs. They devise plans for buildings to withstand strong quakes or storms as well as safety exits.

Computer engineers construct, design and maintain computers and other equipment that are running through the control of a computer.  They see to it that programs are running normally so as not to disrupt business or operations in an organization.

Electrical engineers develop different components for different gadgets, materials or appliances. As an electrical engineer, you can work on robotics, wireless communications, medical imaging as well as computer networking.

Environmental engineers study and devise plans in preserving and protecting our environment especially in ceasing pollution and conservation of our natural resources.

Industrial engineers or sometimes called “efficiency experts” study and come up with the most effective means of utilizing materials, machines as well as people. Most industrial engineers work in manufacturing companies.

Mechanical engineers study the mechanical processes of different things. They develop different materials from cars to toys as well as aircrafts. They work in mostly every other area of technology

There are other kinds of engineering professions such as marine and ocean engineers, geological and geophysical engineer, mining engineer, nuclear engineer and petroleum engineer.

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