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Financial Aid

There are three major tips for getting financial aid:

  • Know your needs and capabilities, financially and academically.
  • Select the appropriate financial aid for yourself.
  • Prepare required forms as soon as possible.
  • Submit at least a day before the due date.

To learn more tips, read our please detailed guide.

Type of Financial Aids

Some financial aids act like loans which need to be repaid with interest. Federal or state government loans have low interest rates compared to others. Financial aids which do not need repayment are scholarships and grants, but they are difficult to obtain. Learn more to see what fits you best.

Saving for College

Education is always a good investment and it does not hurt to start saving early. While there are many financial aids available, they may not be enough to cover all the expenses. Know how much you will be spending for college and learn some tips to begin saving for college.