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Agricultural managers – what do they do?

December 11,2010 by: Dallas Browne

To be able to produce the agricultural needs of the United States population as well as have enough produce for export, the country’s agricultural lands, farms and ranches should be handled by people who are updated with the latest technology for mass production. In order to create improved agricultural production techniques, agricultural managers are now taking control of these lands. Agricultural managers take responsibility of the everyday activities in ranches, farms and other types of agricultural lands. The duties and responsibilities of an agricultural manager may differ depending on factors such as the size of the farm being handled. Managers … (more) December 11, 2010

Growing greens and careers with agriculture

November 01,2010 by: Dallas Browne

With all the hype about going back to green nowadays, opting for an agriculture career may be a good idea especially if you’re in to the green movement and sustainable lifestyle. Though some may think agriculture is a small paying field of work or a boring career path, they must have not heard of the opportunities that await those who pursue the career. Developments in science and technology nowadays have created a whole now window of opportunities for the agriculture field to bloom. Just like other fields, the technologies improve the agriculture field and along with it is the increasing … (more) November 1, 2010

What it means to be a forester: A Career Guide

April 01,2010 by: Dallas Browne

If you are that passionate about saving Mother Nature, then becoming a forester is the way to go. Though a lot has been said and done about saving nature and mother earth, some went as far as posing nude just to grab attention and save some of furry friends, nothing beats having a career as a Forester. Even the internet is bursting with advertisements how to join and be part of “green movements” that aim to protect what is left of Mother Nature. But can virtual memberships really stop deforestation and protect endangered tarsiers? By having a degree as a … (more) April 1, 2010

How does one end up to be a marketing manager who is sought after by multi-billion companies?

February 03,2010 by: Dallas Browne

Being an Agricultural (farm and ranch) Manager is far more complicated than just picking apples and milking cows. Here is why: Agricultural science is basically a broad field that includes and includes the sections of exact economic, natural and social sciences that are utilized in the work and application of agriculture. It is a group of activities which is systematic with a goal to transform and make the environment capable of producing plants and animals all for human consumption. Agriculture means a set of systems, encompassing the application and effectiveness of agronomic research. Because there is global need for mass … (more) February 3, 2010