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Graphic designer’s duties, qualifications and salary

December 12,2010 by: Dallas Browne

Aiding communications with visuals solutions is one of the main concerns of graphic designers or graphic artists. Depending on the type of the establishment the graphic designer is working for he/she is held responsible in the overall production design and outline of a newspaper, magazine, corporate reports and journals. The wider job scope of a graphic artist now involves developing materials for web pages and for the interactive media and multimedia. They are also involved in creating marketing catalogs for certain products or services as well as promotional and packaging displays. Graphic artists are also involved in creating logos and … (more) December 12, 2010

Interior design – it’s not so girly after all

November 05,2010 by: Dallas Browne

Finding out the one thing that you would probably do for the rest of your life may be hard to do; especially when you need to decide on that thing that would also probably the means for you to get your bread. But, thanks to the power of the global market and the global need for everything, and yes, it includes services; you can find almost any job that you think may suit your lifestyle and/or personal skills. In this way, you can still be globally marketable and you will continue to be in demand by employers and companies out … (more) November 5, 2010

Games Designing: A Career Path For Your Creative Mind

September 10,2010 by: Dallas Browne

One of the areas that had been greatly benefited and influenced by computer and technology is the world of gaming. Since the very first online game had been created, there had been a lot others which had been developed. Computer games designer are the ones responsible with the games that a lot are enjoying now. They device a game and define ways on how they are supposed to be played. Computer game designers may either work from their own ideas or use from some existing ideas which only needs to be decided on. Here are the responsibilities of a computer … (more) September 10, 2010

Arts Design Careers That Can Make You Productive

September 09,2010 by: Dallas Browne

When choosing a career, it is important that you consider many factors aside from the compensation side. While there are many individuals earning a good amount of income, they are not truly happy with their jobs. This shows these people landed into jobs that are not related to their interest fields. There are actually hundreds of careers to choose from in the academe and each career choice can be related to your personal interest and ability. There are interesting careers to consider such as that of arts and design. Arts and design careers are related to different forms of arts … (more) September 9, 2010

Choosing a Career in Arts and Designs

September 08,2010 by: Dallas Browne

If you have the passion and expertise in the artistic field, then you choose a career in the arts design field. Arts design career are not that common for individuals who are choosing a career because of future job consideration. Even individuals without artistic sense can develop this skill by acquiring arts design education. Having the right kind of education will surely bring out your skills in art and be able to enhance them further as you continue every level of learning. After all, you would not realize that there is an artistic part of you that can be developed … (more) September 8, 2010