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Interior design – it’s not so girly after all

November 05,2010 by: Dallas Browne

Finding out the one thing that you would probably do for the rest of your life may be hard to do; especially when you need to decide on that thing that would also probably the means for you to get your bread. But, thanks to the power of the global market and the global need for everything, and yes, it includes services; you can find almost any job that you think may suit your lifestyle and/or personal skills. In this way, you can still be globally marketable and you will continue to be in demand by employers and companies out there.

One career path that is continuing to grow is that of the design sector. This sector is so vast that to merely put it in words, you’d have to picture that everything nowadays has design written all over them. Since our generation is a hugely visual generation, the demand for the designs sector is continuing to grow. And the possibilities are just endless for those who might be considering a career in this field.

Some examples in this field are interior design, graphic art, web design, fashion design. All are highly pursued fields and all are very rewarding with big pay-offs and even popularity (especially for those who are ultimately talented.) Graphic artists can almost be found anywhere these days. Print, T.V., advertising, Internet, you name it, they’re in it. Web design is no stranger to this trend either. Since our generation is not only visual, we are also literally in the global village since almost a single day doesn’t run by that we don’t get exposed to the wonders of the Internet.

But for the more physical oriented artist inside you, you may opt for a more hands-on career like interior design. Wait, before you think that this is not for you since you almost always see women dominate the T.V. home design channels, then think again. This career is not as feminine as you may think. Yes, it requires great amounts of attention to detail and a distinct flavor of style but it also requires the muscle to back up all the design work. It’s a very hands-on job and you’d be left out by those ‘girly-girl’ designers who probably know more things just about sanding than you know about life as we know it.

And also, don’t think that just a design concept or theme is all you need to call yourself an interior designer; you will probably need more than a license to be a professional interior designer. This entails years of experience and schooling to acquire. You’d still have to go to a duly accredited school or institution to properly equip you with the right ideas, techniques and trade secrets if you are to succeed in the business.

Of course, after all that’s been said and done and after all the wrong cuts of granite counter tops for your kitchen design course, you’ll be awarded your diploma and maybe you own license (which is probably equal to that of the architects’ in value.) For a quick fact, almost 23 states require interior designers to get a license from the National Council for Interior Design Qualification exam and a combined 6 years of study and work experience. What’s good about this career option is that you’ll probably get endless offers for interior design as long as mankind still lives in a house or a structure that looks like it.

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