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Majors in Aviation: What Career Options Are Open to You

November 15,2014 by: Dallas Browne

Since the time of the Great Recession of 2008, the challenging yet exciting field of aviation has faced a continuous downfall in its growth and development. Many people therefore, shifted their field from the aviation industry to elsewhere, which they thought would have a better and brighter future.
But this breakdown in the air travel industry has brought new speculations to light. Surprisingly, analysts are saying that since there are less people working and studying aviation nowadays, there is more likelihood of an increase in the demand of air experts in the future.

So if you are thinking to pursue your majors in aviation; then read on to discover what career options are open to you.


While waving to an airplane in your childhood, you might have dreamt of being a pilot. A bachelor’s degree in aviation can actually make your dream come true. The program covers the courses related to airport planning, economics, flight instructions, aviation laws, etc extensively; fulfilling all the requirements for being an efficient pilot.

Some institutes don’t include flight instructions. In that case, you have to attend a training school as well, to be eligible to apply for the job.

Flight Instructor

The job of a flight instructor might not sound as exciting as a pilot but it is a more responsible one. Therefore, for being a flight instructor; first, you have to fulfill all the requirements for a commercial pilot and then further apply for a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) license.

Air Traffic Controller

The majors in aviation can also open the doors for being an air traffic controller. The job charges you with the responsibility of safe take off and landing of millions of aviation passengers per day. Although, the job proves to be quite exasperating at times, but it is also counted as one of the heavily paid jobs in the aviation industry.

To qualify for the job of air traffic controller, you have to apply for a bachelor’s program that is affiliated with the Federal Aviation Administration’s Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative (AT-CTI).

Airline Manager

If you like to work behind the cameras, then management is your field. Airlines too, require managers to control their Human resource departments, but at the same time, they should be experts in aeronautics and aviations.

This means, with a degree in aviation, and some additional courses of economics, finance, statistics and accountancy; you can become eligible for an airline manager.

Conclusively, don’t get disappointed with the current fluctuating growth of the aviation industry, as in the coming time; it has got a bright future.

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