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Where does a career as a Travel Agent take you?

April 13,2010 by: Dallas Browne

Have you noticed how fun it is to travel but how difficult it is to plan an itinerary? A lot of things (booking flights, looking for hotels to stay in, look for tour guides, etc) needs to be done before you can actually start travelling. This is where the services of a travel agent come to place.

Travel agents are the experts when one needs someone to takeover and plan their travel or vacation. Another good thing that comes from hiring a travel agent is that, you can actually make deals via online or simply through phone conversations (this lessens the stress and the pressure of driving around and having no results at all). They can even plan a vacation that will surely fit a budget you will give them.

A travel agent is someone (sometimes a team of individuals) who assess an individual’s or a business’ people’s needs and help them plan the best and the most suitable travel arrangement that they need. Agents are known to specialize in any kind of travel, be it a leisure travel (vacations), educational travels, a business travel or a destination travel (especially in Europe and Africa). They also give out travel packages forresorts or cruise lines that they sometimes represent.

To be qualified as a travel agent, one must have a secondary school diploma or its equivalent and better if one has a bachelor’s degree. Employers also prefer those who have had a vocational training in computers as most of the transactions that are made in travel tours are done online. It is also an advantage if an aspiring travel agent chooses to get a degree on travel and tourism. But those who don’t have need not despair as employers also consider aspiring travel agent who graduated from courses like world history, geography computer science and foreign languages.

The median approximate earnings of a travel agent is around $29,220 (U.S. 2006). On the other hand here is a sample of a day’s work of a travel agent’s life:

  • give advice to clients on destinations;
  • contact cruises or airlines for hotel accommodations, transportation, car rentals, recreation and tours;
  • advise on clients weather conditions, recreation,  restaurants and other tourist attractions;
  • research and provide information regarding regulations of customs, required papers (visas, passports, and vaccination certificates), and exchange rates for international travelers;
  • make sure that clients are having a good time, are encountering no problems or difficulties in their travels;
  • consult computer-based and published sources of information on arrivals and departure schedules, fares, and accommodations and hotel ratings;
  • personally inspect hotels, restaurants, and resorts to evaluate, cleanliness and comfort, quality of  service and food;  

In whatever career you choose, make sure that what you do is what you really want. By doing so, you will never feel you worked your whole life. There is no right or wrong career, as long as it makes you fell contented and happy, then you can say that what you have is definitely making you a much better person and has always been right for you.

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