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Public Relation Manager: A Tough but Rewarding Career

April 02,2010 by: Dallas Browne

Have you always been branded as someone who is “people-person?” Do you not have difficulties dealing with all sorts of personalities in your life? Is socializing a part of your daily routine? If your interests in life includes: speaking in conferences, generating employee communication, working with the media and leading seminars then planning on having a career in public relation is perfect for you!

Public relation is defined as the ability to manage or be in control of communication and handle the relationship between two parties (usually an organization and the public). Organizational and individual exposure or public relation to an audience is important in this type of career. This exposure is gained through using topics that might interest the public. Public relation is not something tangible as it mainly relies not on a direct payment method but it provides a third party endorsement instead. That is why it differs in a lot ways from advertising.

On a more in-depth definition, public relation is actually the one that builds rapport or professional relationships between investors, employees, clients, company owners, customers and the public. The way the public sees a company or an industry is considered to be a very important thing to companies. How they assert themselves in the public eye needs a professional public relation strategy in order to succeed and be seen in the way they want to.

There are actually other related fields or discipline that fall under the umbrella of public relation. Such examples are Corporate Communication, Media Relation, Analyst Relation, Labor Relation and Investor Relation. On the other hand, the areas in public relation that have gained popularity are as follows: crisis public relation, financial public relation and product public relation. It is likely that students who will pursue a career in the said field will end up in one of these areas.

  • Product public relation is responsible for making sure that a company is having publicity (good publicity, in particular) for a particular product (anything from feeding bottles to perfumes) or service (internet browsers or telephone lines) using PR tactics. The difference between the two (Public Relation and advertising) is always noted as it is important.
  • Crisis public relation is an area of public relation that handles wrong or negative information or accusations (either those that are the result of honest mistakes or those that can be considered “tactics” of competitors).
  • Financial public relations wherein they will be assigned in handling the information and matters regarding business reporters and their affiliates.  

There is actually a growing need for competent PR managers worldwide. This is maybe the result of having a lot of competition and easy access to information. With the internet, information and advertisements can spread in just a matter of minutes. So companies nowadays also would want to keep up with the change and often needs the services of a PR manager to keep them on top.

Graduates of the public relation course can work for various types of clients. Some can be found in the government, in educational institutions, athletic teams, businesses, large companies, nonprofit organizations, educational outlets, entertainment companies and even in the international arena.

There is an unending world of possibilities for someone who has decided on a public relation career!

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