A Career in Computers

July 19,2010 by: Dallas Browne

There is no doubt that a computer career offers you a lot of possibilities for you to advance in, since computers and technology had already become a large part of our daily lives in this day and age. You see computers everywhere with almost everyone using them, but it takes a specialist in this field to take on the more complicated aspects of hardware and software. And it is this occupation that is a must-have in today’s job market.

Enumerated here is a list of some of the majors and disciplines in the field of computers that you could take to start your career:

  • Computer Engineering

     This field involves the development of software, hardware, and communication systems. It also mostly involves computer software and hardware.

  • Computer Science

     This is the most popular field of study in computers, and it tends to be relatively broad in its science topics

  • Information Systems

     This field is typically used in business, and it is the use of computing skills in an organizational context.

  • Information Technology

     This field involves the study of computer systems and focuses on computing infrastructure in software.

  • Software Engineering

     This field uses some concepts from engineering and focuses on large-scale software systems in order to build reliable programs.

By studying in these fields you could become a computer information systems manager, a computer operator, a programmer, a statistician, and other interesting jobs. Because of the constant advancement of computer systems, there are various creative and interesting jobs that you could take in the field. And it is also because of that continuing advancement that there is the creation of new jobs such as website designing, computer programming, and maybe a lot of other things that have yet to be made in the advancing computer trends.

By undertaking a career in computers, you would be able to learn a variety technical computing skills and general professional skills you would need for the workforce. You would develop you problem-solving ability by training in the use of software and multimedia, understanding the different issues and uses of computers, and the practical skill of using database management systems and other software tools. You would also learn how to communicate effectively in traditional and electronic contexts, as well as using up-to-date skills in the computer field.

To prepare for a course in computers, you would need to be good in mathematics and other related subjects such as algebra and geometry. These are the subjects that must be completed before taking a computer course in university. You might also need to finish and have high grades in the subjects of trigonometry, calculus, physics, and even chemistry because some universities make these as requirements. You must also take basic computer literacy and advanced placement computer courses because these are the emphasis in the field.

Though computers have plenty of applications that could be used for business and leisure, they are rather complicated to use and maintain. That is why there should be plenty of professionals in the computer field to properly make use of these machines

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