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Parent Loans – “It’s for the Child” Making it Happen

October 31,2010 by: Dallas Browne

Living in a time when most of the bills of the house accumulated together leave the family panting without a penny, the parents of a dependent child worry their heads of as to how to give the final boost to the child in making his or her own life by completing their education. This is when majority of the parents, with thoughts of the risks, take an apprehensive look into the prospects of Parent loans for their child’s smooth future. The most popular option these days is the government issued parent loan for their dependent under-graduate student, better known as … (more) October 31, 2010

Federal Aid Academia Courtesy the State

October 30,2010 by: Dallas Browne

You are thinking of procuring aid from the government but you don’t know how to go about it, never mind, you follow this guide and we will pave your staircase to heaven. You have to follow these simple steps which will fetch you your desired aid. This definitely involves massive paper works which will stress you but alas! How can it be helped? The first and foremost thing of importance is to have your income tax return file in order otherwise you are not even eligible to apply, so keep it updated. The next thing you need to know is … (more) October 30, 2010

Everyone’s a winner with employer’s tuition assistance

October 29,2010 by: Dallas Browne

Why take student loans or run around to gather up resources for further studies or some kind of training when one can sit and do it free? With the fast changing technologies and always newly found knowledge, there is always more to learn in order to cope up with the pace of the changing world, especially for all the companies and business and their employees. In such a situation most employers set a certain limit of expense on each employee for their education or training in a certain field of requirement. This is also known as Tuition Reimbursement Package. Most … (more) October 29, 2010

Benefits from employer tuition assistance

October 28,2010 by: Dallas Browne

Having a good career is important in our lives today; in addition to a good career it is also important to have a good education. Education is often expensive and while many people may choose to study and work at the same time, sometimes they may have a lot of responsibilities which lead to them putting off acquiring a degree for later. Today having skills and knowledge at every level is important. There is a need for constant re-appraisal so that you know what you need to be able to proceed up the professional tiers. Today many companies offer numerous … (more) October 28, 2010

Employer Tuition Assistance Dime for Academia

October 27,2010 by: Dallas Browne

Tuition assistance is a benefit that an employee can enjoy by getting funds from the employer to bear one’s cost of education. This is win-win for your place of work. Your employer provides you with the full cost of your education in universities or colleges, or any institution you want to get admitted to. If not then the employer pays at least a part of the total expenses that you need for your education. Employers often pay the full cost of your tuition that includes books, lab fees, and tuition fees. But in most of the cases where an employer … (more) October 27, 2010