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Financial aid and the factors that affect it

February 28,2011 by: Dallas Browne

Many students need financial aid to pursue their higher educational programs. These financial aid programs are needed to meet the schooling expenses like tuition fees, boarding and other expenses. Most of the financial aids are need based, offering financial help to students belonging to a poor financial background for completing their educational aspirations. General requirements for availing financial aid Be a citizen of United States. Submit a FAFSA report. Enroll in eligible courses recognized by the federal government of the country. Should not have defaulted in the repayment of other financial aids. Not owe any kind of refund … (more) February 28, 2011

Federal parent plus loans and how to avail them

February 26,2011 by: Dallas Browne

These loans are federally regulated loans that are taken by parents to help their child meet type educational expenses that he is bound to meet as he moves on for his higher education. This loan is helpful in meeting the tuition fees and other school related expenses. The loans have a fixed rate of interest which is below the interest rates levied on normal loans. Features of federal parent plus loans Parent plus loans are not need based loans. This means that an applicant does not have to prove his financial disability to meet the expenses of education … (more) February 26, 2011

Federal direct parent plus loans for credit worthy parents

February 24,2011 by: Dallas Browne

Credit worthy parents of dependent undergraduate students can avail Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loans to meet the rising educational cost of heir children. The Federal direct parent plus loan program can provide a loan amount that equates the total estimated cost of attendance minus all the other financial benefits that he might be getting. The ward of the parent needs to remain enrolled at least half the time in degree program and should also be able to show satisfactory academic progress to avail this loan. The federal direct plus loans get their fund from the U.S. Department of Education directly. … (more) February 24, 2011

Employer tuition assistance and how to avail it

February 22,2011 by: Dallas Browne

As the name suggests employer tuition assistance is a financial benefit provided by the employee. This financial assistance is mainly provided to the employees of a firm by the organization for meeting higher educational expenses like tuition fees, lab fees and books. The employer either pays the entire part or the full course fee. In many cases employers set a limit to the amount of tuition assistance that can be made available to the employer. The amount of money that is to be allotted for the education is either in means of fixed dollars for the entire course fee or … (more) February 22, 2011

Employer tuition assistance – benefits and restrictions

February 20,2011 by: Dallas Browne

Employer tuition assistance is a financial perk that many companies are now offering its employees for further education. It acts as an incentive to the employee and also puts a positive impression on the employer as to be a forward looking organisation.  Employer benefits    The first question that comes in mind is that why should an organisation take the pain to pay for the entire educational amount of an employee? Besides the employee who avails the benefit, the employer too gets benefited in the following ways- Employers are interested in ensuring that their employees have the proper information and … (more) February 20, 2011