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The Different Types of Student Military Financial Aid

November 19,2012 by: Dallas Browne

The military has several financial aid packages that it offers to students who pursue a career in the military. The financial assistance is also offered to family and dependants of a serving officer. This aid is available for all types of officers serving in the United States Armed Forces. These are the navy, air force, US army, the coast guard and the marines. The student aid is also offered to dependants and spouses of war veterans. There are different types of student financial aid that are offered by the military. These are Montgomery GI bill Veterans of war in the … (more) November 19, 2012

Benefits of Availing Employer Tuition Assistance

November 08,2012 by: Dallas Browne

Employer tuition assistance program is where the employee attends a college or university while still working and the costs of the course are covered by the employer. The costs covered include tuition, books, and lab fees. If there are any accommodation or traveling costs incurred during the course duration, these may not necessarily be serviced by the employer. The reason that makes this program popular is because it carries many benefits to both the employee and the employer. These include: The employer builds employee loyalty Most often, employees that benefit from employer tuition assistance end up becoming very loyal to … (more) November 8, 2012