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The advantages of an employer tuition program

January 24,2013 by: Dallas Browne

There are some employers who offer their employees the so called employer tuition assistance. The program has the role to help the employees of a certain company obtain higher levels of education. The interest of the employer is to form its own employees, to help them grow as workers in a certain domain and to avoid constantly changing the workers. When you have employees who have a lot of experience in your company, things work much better; they are much more dedicated to their work and they easier solve the problems that appear, so your profit is guaranteed. These programs … (more) January 24, 2013

How to use the military tuition assistance programs

January 15,2013 by: Dallas Browne

Are you in the Coast Guard Reserve, the Air Force Reserve or the Army Reserve? Did you know that there are several military tuition assistance programs that can cover your tuition? You can obtain a higher educational level by taking advantage of the military tuition assistance that stands at your disposal. Depending on the number of credits that you take and their cost, you can have the entire sum covered or at least important parts of it. A lot of people don’t get higher education because it costs too much; well, you now have the chance to get the higher … (more) January 15, 2013