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Student Savings Account: A Concise and Precise Guide

February 25,2013 by: Dallas Browne

Student Saving account is held at a financial institution, principally with characteristics of security and interest rate up to a modest level. Students, in daily life, face expenses for purchase of books, spend their pocket money on trips, dinners, fun time and miscellaneous. Students have a very handy amount of money, so obviously they are unable to afford high account fee and surcharges. On the other hand if they have a piggy bank, they will be tempted to take out the cash given a chance. Further, money saved in piggy banks do not give any interest hence, even if saved, … (more) February 25, 2013

Military Aid for Spouses

February 06,2013 by: Dallas Browne

Military officials make a lot of sacrifice for this country. Imagine going to battlegrounds; sometimes war torn countries where suicide bombings is a common thing. They sometimes stay in those countries for months putting their lives at high risk and a lot of suffering to their family and friends; God Forbid, should they die. The US government has several financial programs aimed at assisting military spouses cope up with the increasing cost of higher education. Though they are many and different types, their goal is to help each spouse get good quality education therefore get good opportunities in the job … (more) February 6, 2013