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A Brief on Types of Military Scholarships Available

May 29,2013 by: Dallas Browne

A number of scholarship programs are available to aid people serving in military and dear family. This initiative has been taken to ensure that the military personnel or their spouses and other dependents are not deprived of their educational goals. This is considered as one of most important benefits a person get from being in military. In general, military aid is offered to personnel who are serving currently, retired from service or the family (dependents) of people working in military, and dependents of deceased military personnel. These military aides should not be confused with the military tuition assistance, … (more) May 29, 2013

Things to Know about Employer Tuition Assistance Program

May 12,2013 by: Dallas Browne

The annual sales rate for the month of May is expected to reach 15.2 billion for the light – vehicle segment, the experts predicted. The SAAR, or the sales rate, for April was 14.9 million, which ended above the standard 15 million marks for five consecutive months. According to LMC forecasting expert Jeff Schuster, April is the time when the auto industry holds its breath collectively; however, the current scenario indicates staying ahead for the 2nd half of the year. While demand in the auto industry continues to gain momentum, the market and economic hurdles tend to be minimized. Analysts … (more) May 12, 2013