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Give Your Career a Boost with Employer Tuition Assistance

August 24,2013 by: Dallas Browne

Many people continue with their education after joining jobs. This is a good decision because various employer tuition, assistance programs can take care of the financial aspect related to studying. These employers or organization sponsored programs assist employees or their dependents to continue with a college education. In most cases, such amounts are not related to the income of the individual and therefore tax-free. What’s in it for employers? Employer tuition assistance packs many benefits for the employee, but what is there in it for the employer! For starters, a better-qualified individual is an asset to any organization. Your loyalty … (more) August 24, 2013

Go For The Military Aid To Further Your Education

August 10,2013 by: Dallas Browne

The military takes care of its personnel with as much dedication as they show in protecting the country against invaders. They are completely dependable. Once you join the Armed Forces, furthering your education remains the last problem. You can apply for Military financial aids related to higher learning and continue with studies for meeting career goals. The Army will bear the costs not only for those employed but also their family members. Opportunities galore There are numerous opportunities related to getting an appropriate military aid for furthering your educational goals. A number of courses are available where you can enroll … (more) August 10, 2013