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First Day of School Activities Students Adore

January 15,2015 by: Dallas Browne

Nearly all teachers face this big day with eagerness, but they also fear the challenge: what do we have to do on the very first day of school? Every teacher’s approach is special. Whatever the goal, here are some things to attempt, to have an amazing start to the exciting new school year. Get to Know the Students How well will the incoming students know and understand you? How well will you know them? How well will they understand each other? How well are they going to know their school? These are significant questions to think about as you start … (more) January 15, 2015

Helpful Co-Teaching Strategies

January 08,2015 by: Dallas Browne

With insertion getting higher, teachers are sharing their classrooms more than ever and turning to a successful co-teaching partner is a teaching necessity. Co-teaching teams in general include an all-purpose and a particular educator who educates the normal education set of courses to all the students in addition to implementing separate Education Programs (IEPs) for the students with any disabilities. Both the educators on the co-teaching panel are in charge of differentiating between the instructional preparation and delivery, assessment of the students’ accomplishments, and also the classroom management. Quite a few collaborative teaching methods have proved to be very successful … (more) January 8, 2015