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Why many employers want to pay for their employees’ education

October 12,2014 by: Dallas Browne

Is it possible to earn your degree for free? Why taking some loans to achieve your education goal when you can do it for free? Many employers are willing to help you with this by paying for education via employer tuition program; saving you thousands of dollars and allowing you gain your diploma. What is the catch here? If you think harder you will realize that every employer wants to have employees who are skillful and own the proper knowledge that will make them successful. All of them have an interest in finding the right employee with a degree concerning … (more) October 12, 2014

Fact about Employer Tuition Assistance You must Know

September 12,2014 by: Dallas Browne

Indeed, Employer Tuition Assistance is simply the assistance provided by an employer to the employees that want to further their education in form of payment of tuition fee, books and others. In most cases, the employer will have to pay all or part of the money required by the employee to attend university or college. For that reason, it still depends on the employer and the rules that govern the organization as regard tuition assistance. So, if you want to know more about this program in your working place, you will need to confirm from the human resource manager of … (more) September 12, 2014

The real benefits of tuition assistance for firms and workers

August 16,2014 by: Dallas Browne

There are only few situations which can be considered as a win-win scenario for both employees and employers, and employer tuition assistance is one of those. There are more than a few benefits that can be used by firms and business owners on one hand, while on the other hand are also beneficial to their employees. The trick with tuition assistance lies in the fact that employers can keep and further improve their best assets while employees have a chance to further develop and expand in their field of expertise. We are all aware of the costs of education and … (more) August 16, 2014

A Must Know About Employer Tuition Assistance

July 06,2014 by: Dallas Browne

In a nutshell, Employer Tuition Assistance programs are generally run through an employer’s human resource department whereby an employee can take a collage course for undergraduate or graduate to be paid for by employer. Most employers normally extend this assistance to their employees who want to enroll for MBA and even for doctorate degree. This program is in the form of opportunity for employee to expand his or her knowledge while still working under his or her employer. In order for the employer to benefit extensively on the program, the employer will make sure that the course the employee is … (more) July 6, 2014

Employer Tuition Assistance Programs benefit all – employers and employees

June 15,2014 by: Dallas Browne

Any and every employer has the same goal – attracting and keeping high profile labor force. Employer tuition assistance (ETA) programs are the tools towards achieving this goal. Those are also beneficial both to the employers and employees, and ETA can be the leverage to keeping workers in the companies longer and also can provide loyal work force in return. They are also a great benefit to employees in terms of expanding their knowledge and adding more to their resume should they ever feel the need to change their work environment or seek employment elsewhere. What does one get … (more) June 15, 2014