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Give Your Career a Boost with Employer Tuition Assistance

August 24,2013 by: Dallas Browne

Many people continue with their education after joining jobs. This is a good decision because various employer tuition, assistance programs can take care of the financial aspect related to studying. These employers or organization sponsored programs assist employees or their dependents to continue with a college education. In most cases, such amounts are not related to the income of the individual and therefore tax-free.

What’s in it for employers?

Employer tuition assistance packs many benefits for the employee, but what is there in it for the employer! For starters, a better-qualified individual is an asset to any organization. Your loyalty to the company will increase once you get the required help in pursuing your education. A happy and satisfied individual is a productive worker and the companies are aiming towards this through timely tuition aids. Even if there are no such programs available in a company, interested candidates can put forward a compelling case for bagging such financial assistance.

Full or part time tuition assistance

Tuition assistance programs from your employing organization can be for full or part-time studies. While you will not be allowed to join another company once you complete a course, chances of getting a raise both in terms of payment and posting is surely in the offing. Different companies have definite eligibility and other policy requirements for providing employer assistance. Knowing about them can help you to apply appropriately for such considerations.

Beneficial partnerships

One of the easy way to get employer tuition assistance is through beneficial partnerships that exist between different universities/colleges with corporations and business houses. If you can enroll in any of the courses on offer at these educational institutes, then securing employer tuition assistance is going to be your last problem. So, do not forget to check out if the company where you are employed presently has such collaborations with institutes of learning.

Points to consider

Before you start with your education through an employer, tuition assistance programs clarify certain points to do away with worries later. Consider the type of financial assistance, its reimbursement, the validity of your employment contract, and what will happen if you leave midway! Clarify these aspects before continuing with your education.
Employer tuition assistance program is one way of strengthening job security and increasing your qualifications in the process of getting high paying posts. Landing on the employment scene does not signify an end to your dream career pursuit. Instead, consider it as an aid in the process.

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