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Why many employers want to pay for their employees’ education

October 12,2014 by: Dallas Browne

Is it possible to earn your degree for free? Why taking some loans to achieve your education goal when you can do it for free? Many employers are willing to help you with this by paying for education via employer tuition program; saving you thousands of dollars and allowing you gain your diploma.

What is the catch here? If you think harder you will realize that every employer wants to have employees who are skillful and own the proper knowledge that will make them successful. All of them have an interest in finding the right employee with a degree concerning the field related to the job they want. Moreover, employees are highly likely to stay with the employer who funded them through their education. They become loyal to those who were willing to help them by presenting them with tuition assistance program.
The key to having and running a successful business is education. This is the fact all employers are aware of and that is why they offer these tuitions if they know that employees can present a compelling case. A great number of big companies offer these programs and they have very strict policies requiring that employees stick with the firm for one or more years. It is simple as that- they will pay for your education if they know you will not use it to get yourself new job with some other firm. Such firms have an option to pay your entire education or to pay only for classes that concern your job. In addition to these full-time tuitions, there are part-time jobs that can ensure some limited help. These companies do not have strict policies regarding the course you are taking- they give you finances that are considered as employment perk. However, many such firms want their workers work for them for some time before they offer tuition assistance.

In addition to all this, some large firms have entered into a partnership with some colleges in order to provide training and education for their potential and future workers. In this case, trainers immediately start their job and come to the firm’s workplace. In addition, this could mean that employees are allowed to take classes from a certain college. It is always best to check all details and be informed. If the company you work for already has this kindof assistance, make sure you check with department of human resources in order to enroll in the program. If there is no such help yet, you need to figure out how to convince your employer to make an individual program for you.

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