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Financial Aid Cuts – Students Hold Lawmakers Responsible

March 14,2012 by: Dallas Browne

There was a report filed in from Sacramento last week, where students had just a few seconds to testify their protest regarding the cuts in the financial aid of the colleges. As a result the Candace Washington got straight way to the point. A 22 year old student at the Biola University was found saying, “Don’t forget about us since we won’t be forgetting you”.

The lawmakers are repeatedly trying to cut funding for higher education in order to maintain a certain amount of balance regarding the state books. The universities have responded to the crisis by raising their respective tuition & other fees. Not only that, the Cal Grants Program has also been under the radar, which previously awarded state funds to the meritorious or qualified students at any public or private university. This slice in the Cal Grants which was initially rejected by the lawmakers is till date the largest chunk in Jerry Brown’s proposed 3.6 % reduction in higher education foe the next financial year.

State funding on the University of California & the California State University systems has fallen by 42 % since the academic year of 2002-03 according to the reports from the Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk. In the current academic year the public colleges & universities are relying more on the dollars from the students rather than the state budget. Emeritus professor of political science department Jaime Regalado at Cal State Los Angeles said,” higher education in California is the most severe crisis in education experienced in a generation”. With more students taking the streets looking for answers, he said “going will get tougher for the politicians ignoring the crisis.”

The state senate has recently rejected Jerry brown’s appointee as the chairman of the California State University Board of Trustees. However in the lower house, Susan Bonilla the assembly woman who chairs finance division of education sub-committee, called the vote to be signal for Brown to “find the cuts somewhere else beyond these lines.” With the temperature boiling among the protesting students, about a dozen were arrested for trespassing while a protest on the Capitol. This demonstration was lead with a march by thousand of protesting students. In the meantime the leaders of the Democrat-dominated legislature are trying their best to win over the students that they are on the same side.

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