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First Day of School Activities Students Adore

January 15,2015 by: Dallas Browne

Nearly all teachers face this big day with eagerness, but they also fear the challenge: what do we have to do on the very first day of school?

Every teacher’s approach is special. Whatever the goal, here are some things to attempt, to have an amazing start to the exciting new school year.

Get to Know the Students

How well will the incoming students know and understand you? How well will you know them? How well will they understand each other? How well are they going to know their school? These are significant questions to think about as you start to plan the first day of school.

If you are teaching the kindergarteners (or even high school freshmen, who frequently seem like kindergarteners), you might have to spend the first day getting everybody comfortable. There are numerous icebreaker activities you could try, however here are a small number of different methods to try out:

Assess the Learning Styles or Numerous Intelligences

For students older than kindergartners, the very first day of school can be an incredible opportunity to discover more about how the students learn. There are a lot of different learning method inventories obtainable online.

It can promote students who have normally struggled, if they understand that you are conscious of the things that they excel at, and it offers an opportunity to deal with some of the “I am dumb/she is dumb” issues that unavoidably turn up in the classroom.

Arrange a Scavenger Hunt

This could engage students searching their classroom to discover things like a pencil sharpener or a hall pass, or it could also ask them to find which of their contemporaries took a long journey during the summer or who has a younger brother.

Do a Self-Portrait

Whether it is done with words or patchwork images or painted by hand; having students portray themselves can be entertaining, educational, and sporadically surprising. Try and make a self-portrait of yourself too, this convinces the students that you are equally engaged with them, adding to their motivation and excitement.

Make a Time Capsule

Have your students make an illustration of the current work, for instance, have students take a test, construct a paragraph or perhaps video tape them reading out aloud or speaking in an unfamiliar language. Bring the samples out during their last days and let the students know how much they have grown.

These are some of the simple initiatives you can take, to make the first day a memorable one!


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