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Advantages and disadvantages of getting foreign military aid

May 27,2012 by: Dallas Browne

In time of disasters, economic crisis, and political instability, most of the countries all over the world always seek for help from other neighboring countries. This aid is always in form of military aid, financially help, or even volunteer aid. All this aid either technical or financial always has both advantages and disadvantages accompanying it.

Rebuilding aspect is one of the benefit or advantage out of military aid. Most militaries help in restoring the status of a country especially if it was hit by a natural calamity. Restoration can also be in form of military operations that helps in bringing peace in a country. In most cases, these rebuilding initiatives are always focused towards security and infrastructures in order to withstand another disaster if it occurs again in future. Military aid in term of finance helps in outsourcing for the resources required for rebuilding while volunteers provide the labor assistance during the process.

Protection is another advantage a country can always get out of military aid. This is especially when a new country is initiated. There is always the need for military aid in securing the border while protecting the citizens in that country. Though a country may be having its own protection from its military, there is always the need for more help from bigger nations that have more advanced weapons. In the process a country may also form an alliance with the country thus benefiting from the resources out of them.

Apart from protection and rebuilding, it is always important to offer restructuring assistance to a country once hit by a calamity. These restructuring may be inform of building materials, food, water for drinking water, not forgetting relevant education that helps prevent the disaster from occurring and if it occurs, how well the country will be able to deal with the situation. all these military aid are usually targeted towards improving the country`s ability in providing for its citizens.

Some of the disadvantages that come along with military aid include over dependency. If a country continuously receives help from other countries, there is always the tendency of it becoming more dependent thus lowering its productivity. This becomes worse when the country lacks assistance from other countries through their military initiatives.

Another disadvantage is on issue to do with donating countries.  This is because in most cases each country has its own problems and this becomes a challenge in offering military aid especially if the country is having some insecurity problems. This creates animosity between the countries that donate help and the one that receives the aid.

Other disadvantages in getting military or giving military aid are that some countries may be faced by corruption problem thus lowering reliance over them. Development and foreign investment is always hindered especially when a country become over reliant on military aid from other countries. On matter to do with growth especially on entrepreneurial aspect, this aid has always played a major role. Again this is always worsen if the country receiving the help become over reliant on the military aid from foreign countries.

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