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An Overview on the Success of Military Aid in Accomplishing Its Aim

October 25,2014 by: Dallas Browne

The term Military Aid can easily be defined as aid purposeful act of a country or group of countries to initiate its armed troops to an existing controversy. More so, it is often given to a country to effectively defend the borders and fight the terrorist within the country. In most cases, foreign aid is giving to disloyal country in her fight against another country. For that reason, there is always debate on the effectiveness of this foreign aid in uniting countries of the world since it can be utilize to fight another country. In that regard, this article is going to intimate you on some of the things you need to know about this aid.

The need for foreign aid was discovered by United State of America as the easier way to unite countries today and also as a tool of international relations in Second World War. More so, this aid was thought to help strengthen the bond between countries of the world and also enhance development of open-minded capitalist style of development on other countries of the world. More so, the sole aim of instituting foreign aid was to strengthen countrywide security in different parts of the world.

There are different ways in which military aid can be giving to a country. For that reason, the nature of fight or war and the need of the country that need foreign aid will determine the mean through which the help will be giving to them. So, military aid can be givenby sending troops to the country, training the troops of the country that needed help or even by giving them enough money to buy weapon they need to fight their war.

In order to help Ukraine in her fight, US government has sent several troops to help Ukrainian troops combat their counter insurgency. For that reason, the troops can either help the Ukrainian troops in their fight with their weapon or train them on the better way to combat their enemies. Apart from Ukraine, Egypt, and other countries have leveraged foreign aid in one way or another. Obviously, it has been observed that USA is the country that have not leveraged foreign aid from another country in fight of counter insurgency or to protect it borders rather they are the one that offer the help to others.

Looking at the situation in most parts of the world and the effect of Military Aid in those countries, one may like to know if this aid has been able to live up to the reason why it was instituted. Truly, foreign aid has tremendously helped most countries of the world especially the poor countries to protect their borders and also fight against some internal and external counter insurgency. Also, it has increased bond between most countries of the world mostly the democratically ruled countries.

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