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College scholarships for minorities

January 29,2011 by: Dallas Browne

It is interesting to note that majority of the students are unaware of the fact that there are a number of minority quotas which are based on religion, culture etc listed under the provisions of college scholarships. Those who require financial help to meet their higher educational expenses can benefit from this opportunity.

Minority scholarships are made available under two basic groups and they are-

  1. Ethnic minority scholarships- These include funding based on racial status of an individual. The basic principal behind providing such scholarships is to help individuals from all strata of society to fulfil their educational aspirations, irrespective of their cast or religion. The different scholarships that are offered under this category are as follows:
  • African American Scholarships- This scholarship programs aim to increase the number of African Americans picking up subjects that are most under-represented by them. A realistic scholarship search strategy is applied to boost the educational participation of these students. This source of funding found is engaging minority organisations and rich corporate sponsors to come up with lucrative partnership programs.
  • Interracial students- Interracial scholarships are meant to cover the financial needs for the mixed blood students.
  • Asian students- A proportionately smaller but a growing and important part of the country’s population is formed by the many Asian students who migrate every year to pursue higher studies. The scholarships offered are merit based and provide good opportunities to students in providing educational fees.
  • Native American students- American Indian and Native Alaskan students comprise of smallest group of minorities. These students are very popular among the country’s top industries and therefore there is a lot of funding offered to them.
  • Women- Women college scholarships empower them to pursue their educational goals, irrespective of their ethnic background. The American Association of University Women sees to it that women advance in all fields of education. Different scholarship programs are offered for their educational betterment. Some specific women categories that are covered under this program are
    • minority women
    • Women returning after a break to continue their education.
    • Professional women pursuing higher degrees.
    • Women seeking higher educational qualifications.
  1. Scholarships for handicapped- This type of scholarship programs are offered to all those students who are handicapped and are unable to pursue their studies from regular college. These students need special vocational training programs that will help them lead a normal life. To encourage these students to enter the general educational stream, different scholarship programs are offered. These are need based scholarship programs that are offered on the basis of the type of disadvantage one might face. Mentally challenged or differently disabled students are also included under these scholarship programs. Every year millions of dollars are set aside to encourage this special category of students.
  2. Other minority scholarships- A major part of the student population also belong to a group without any parents. Students from orphanages and those with foster parents, who have to fend for themselves also can avail a special type of scholarship under the federal program for minorities.

A need based maintenance system for families with low or no income and also for minority students is efficiently run by both the state and the federal government. Care should be taken that an independent financial system gets established that is successful in raising self satisfactory communities. The other main concern for the federal government is that to ensure that the financial aids provided to the different communities are not abused.

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