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Schools in Nekoosa prefer distance learning

February 10,2011 by: admin

Administrators of local school districts strapped for cash are hoping that more students and members of the staff buy into the idea of distance learning to enhance offerings of a class and thereby save jobs from being lost. Administrators are hoping that better use is made of the distance learning technology although it has existed for more than a decade now. If multiple classrooms are taught by one teacher it could bring more students from across the state if not across the country, thereby generating funds which are badly needed by the school districts. Dozens of jobs have been lost … (more) February 10, 2011

Higher education enhanced through distance grant

February 08,2011 by: admin

A significant grant was received by the Jackson State Community College for expanding its distance education program in many of the rural areas of West Tennessee. High school and college students as well as non-traditional students will be able to make use of the college courses in local communities thanks to the grant. The program represents how technology and a good investment in the work force of West Tennessee have been used smartly. The competitive grant amounting to 489,000 dollars from the US Department of Agriculture will help Jackson State to expand the distance education program in many counties by … (more) February 8, 2011

Healthcare access to be enhanced in southern oregon through USDA funding

February 06,2011 by: admin

2 grant awards were recently announced by the US Secretary of Agriculture in order to extend telemedicine services to rural residents in Southern Oregon. There is a conscious effort to help the rural communities in terms of health care services. These efforts are essential for the whole area to thrive. These rank amongst 106 other projects across as many as 36 states throughout the country which were selected for a total grant of 34.7 million dollars. This includes educational projects and the access to services in health care in the rural areas. The awards will be granted based on the … (more) February 6, 2011

The 6 jobs that a criminal justice degree can fetch you

February 04,2011 by: admin

When one is equipped with a criminal justice degree there are plenty of jobs openings that one can find.  Criminal justice is a very fast-growing field and has a wide scope.  The only limitations for students who wish to enter this field are their personal history, personality, and their willingness to equip themselves with a degree in criminal justice.  The jobs in this field are full and plenty and there is a wide range of opportunities to avail jobs at different educational levels.  For instance high-school grads can get into the police department as support staff (file clerks) to the … (more) February 4, 2011

Stanford and IATA have tied up to offer aviation management program through distance learning

February 02,2011 by: admin

An agreement has been signed by the Center for Professional Development at the Stanford University with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to offer a distance learning program that is unique and combines aviation training as well as the fundamentals of management that will aid professionals to manage the complex nature of the ever expanding aviation industry. There is a need to balance safety, growth in passenger and cargo volume, advancements in technology, etc have led to a certain level of complexity in the aviation industry and this can only be managed by global professionals who are equipped with the … (more) February 2, 2011