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Online education is now considered a worthwhile pursuit

March 22,2012 by: admin

As per the report titled ‘Going the Distance – Online Education in the United States, 2011,’ more than 6 million students are presently taking at least one online class. The College Board and the Babson Survey Research Group has published this report. According to this report and the numbers indicated here, almost one-third of the higher education students in the United States are presently taking at least one online course. So, that means there are around 560,000 more students when compared to 2010. According to the report, there has been a significant shift in the way the school administrators and … (more) March 22, 2012

Hands on digital learning training imparted to Wyoming teachers

March 16,2012 by: admin

Teachers will get to record the feedback in the video and also include the images of the documents that were part of the discussion, stated Simpson. The videos can be sent via email and the students can open them at their convenience. Simpson also added that they wanted the children to be with them and if that is the case, the children will have to see them often – especially while they were teaching online. Simpson tried to play a video example and the participants in the workshop put a thumbs-down logo besides their names as the video could not … (more) March 16, 2012

Online education is no longer seen as an area for desperate students

March 06,2012 by: admin

Online education has changed to a very large extent in the last few years. It is no longer seen as the last resort for those who had been sidelined or as a niche for the desperate students. Instead, it is being increasingly seen as a simpler way to solve huge problems and find the right skills as well. For instance, MIT’s Open Courseware, which is also known as MITx, is a university that offers courses online, where students can learn at a pace that is convenient for them.The ones who wish to make use of the online format and seek … (more) March 6, 2012

Growth and Expansion in Purdue’s Online Education

March 01,2012 by: admin

There seems to be a huge demand for a number of courses and degree programs, according to the department officials. Due to the rising demand, there is a steady rise in distance learning programs as they find ways and means to grow and retain their position. They also continuously improvise their online education programs in order to offer the best options for existing as well as new students. Poor economic growth in the US is one of the reasons for the growth of online education, states Mickey Latour, Associate Dean of Distance Learning. Latour also added that there has always … (more) March 1, 2012