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Los Angeles’ Villaraigosa confirms Support to Doe v Deasy Suit

June 16,2012 by: admin

The plaintiff in Doe v. Deasy are claiming that the region is violating the state laws which needed at least bi-annual tutors assessments, which should, as part of the procedure, indulge information about the students achievements. They’re competing that LAUSD isn’t observance with the alteration to Stull Act that was co-sponsored by the mayor Villaraigosa at the time when he was a well-known speaker of the Assembly in California and draws the steps for all districts of the state should take to renovate their staff assessment plans in order to qualify for particular kinds of teaching funding. Villaraigosa competed that … (more) June 16, 2012

School stampede – Might it be a revelation of education woes in vietnam

June 07,2012 by: admin

The education structures in Vietnam have not been designed in the right way. Again, there are very few schools and colleges which have been left to cater for the needs of the ever increasing number of school going children. The stampede at the Nighiem Primary School, though did not have major issues except a few bruised parents, it is a true revelation of negligence on the part of the government to ante-up their game when it comes to offering the children in the country access to better education. If at all there are any nations in the world where education … (more) June 7, 2012