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Utilize federal student aid for military personnel to pursue studies

August 28,2012 by: admin

The U.S. federal government has put in place several Student Financial Aid programs to persons associated with U.S. military, including loans with low interests and grants or free disbursements. These programs for education are available to all military personnel, irrespective of whether you are on active duty, a veteran, a reserve, an individual on GI Bill, or a retiree. However, these programs differ slightly from GI Bill, the regular military aid for education. The Department of Education disburses the amount to the student through the educational institution. Still, the student avails these programs to meet the cost of tuition fees, … (more) August 28, 2012

Can the Vision of Paul Ryan Bring Changes to the U.S. Education System?

August 18,2012 by: admin

The earlier blueprints that Ryan presented to reduce Medicaid and Medicare were quite specific but his education reform agenda is somewhat mysterious. The plans he has presented in the House are vague outlines of what should be done to public school fund as well financial aids for college students but he has not offered any specific numbers to the present plans. Ryan has been insisting on large-scale cuts on all types of ‘discretionary spending’ that are non-defense. Education funding is part of his proposed spending cuts. Anticipating what Ryan and his GOP House members would suggest, the Obama administration had … (more) August 18, 2012

More time in teaching and lesser time for exams: rightful or not

August 06,2012 by: admin

Changing the way teachers teach their students can be of help especially if it concerns written essays, exams, homework and others but of course all of these methods wouldn’t be very effective if the teacher is not capable of teaching the lessons in the right way. More time in teaching and lesser time for exams is an attempt to make sure that teachers should not just be capable of teaching theoretical lessons instead they should also know how to lead a class and how to take care of their students even if the resources are very minimal. It has been … (more) August 6, 2012