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Cooper Union Losing $12 Million Every Year; Considers to End its Tradition of Free Tuition

February 18,2013 by: admin

However, this was the scenario before market recession caused the school’s finance to go on a topsy-turvy, later to which the truth about Cooper Union’s dire financial situation came into the limelight. In this financial crunch scenario, the university has become a point of debate on whether it will retain its famous tradition to break away with it. Cooper Union offers top-notch instruction in architecture, art and engineering, but with no expensive investments made in student centers, athletic programs, or lush lawns to stroll around between the classes. However, this university, renowned for its world-class infrastructure and knowledge pool, is … (more) February 18, 2013

Save For Your Children’s Education With Prepaid Tuition Plans

February 06,2013 by: admin

Executive director of the College Savings Plans of Maryland, Joan Marshall, today announced the prepaid tuition plans, alleging that parents can choose the most suitable payment plan for themselves based on a particular price set for future tuition of their children. According to College Savings Plans Network, the plans are already available for fresh enrollments across nine states. However, every state will have their respective processes for tuition credit payment, added Marshall. During the course of their children’s education, when parents want to use the prepaid tuition credit, they have to follow the below mentioned steps: Determine how much … (more) February 6, 2013