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Three Mistakes that New International Students Make During Their Study

March 21,2013 by: admin

Here are some the common mistakes that most international students do: Not spending much time with dormitory mates, roommates, or floor mates: These are the people with whom students spend most of their time during the freshman year. They are the best people to help the international students become easily familiar with the American culture and lifestyle, and without them even realizing about it. International students can significantly improve their English while listening and talking to them. For any friendly advice, Residential Assistant is the best person to contact, which many international students fail to realize. Lesser involvement in campus … (more) March 21, 2013

Scholarships You can Try for Hot/Not-So-Hot Majors

March 07,2013 by: admin

Recent researcher understands very well the problem students face and are finding ways to tackle it successfully and help individuals make informed decisions that ensures positive and successful selections. Top earning Majors are not hard to find; however, it is necessary to know which these are. After all, not so hot Majors are a complete waste of time and money. Some Not-So-Hot Majors: Architecture has lost its glamour today with the collapse of the housing market. Architectural graduates are grappling with 13.9% unemployment rate presently. However, not all is bleak. Those who harbor a genuine passion for the subject and … (more) March 7, 2013