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Digital Textbooks to Let Teachers Know What Students Are Reading

April 30,2013 by: admin

Teachers from a reputed business school are quick to add that there is good intent behind this new technology ready for introduction and it is a ‘Big Brother is watching’ kind of thing. The focus is on CourseSmart, brand new software from Silicon Valley allows educators across Texas schools to track the progress of their students via e-books. No wonder teachers are quite ecstatic regarding this new possibility and are waiting for the coming fall when this program is going to launch. One thing is for sure, this is going to revolutionize the education system in the coming times affecting … (more) April 30, 2013

Atlanta School System Comes Under Spotlight as 35 Educators Receive Indictment in High Profile Cheating Case

April 04,2013 by: admin

Hall enjoys a prestigious position in the Atlanta School System, but alas, now the honeymoon seems to be at the end. In the year 2006, the Great City School Council selected Hall as their topmost education leader and even won awards as the Superintendent of the Year in 2009. However, luck is finally going to catch up with her if the recent developments are any indication. For the time being, the Grand Jury has set a bail for $7.5 million for the former school superintendent. The 65-count indictment brought against the 35 educators alleges a broad conspiracy that includes cheating … (more) April 4, 2013