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Promise Programs to Come To Aid of Students in Postsecondary Education

July 29,2013 by: admin

A notable paper in this regard is the one by Rodney J. Andrews aptly named, ‘The Promise of Promise Programs’. He is an assistant professor with Texas University and teaches economics there. This paper delves into the various Promise Programs available in the country and gauges their viability as postsecondary education funding tools. As Andrews explains, Promise Programs are scholarship programs, which are locality based, offering fund access for completion of post secondary education. This is surely an ideal option for those students who have to take inordinate amounts of loans for funding their higher education. It comes to the … (more) July 29, 2013

Oregon Legislature to Make College Admission Easy With Their Admission Now Pay Later Plan

July 11,2013 by: admin

One no longer needs to pay a tuition fee or take a bank loan in order to get into a college in Oregon. Instead, the new regulations state that students who go for such scheme should pledge aside certain amounts from their future income towards repayment once they land a job. The repayment amounts are going to be directly proportional to the money they make in an employment situation. While this is surely an optimistic beginning in the offing, there are a number of starting problems to overcome before it can come into force. Once the practical and procedural hurdles … (more) July 11, 2013