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College Park Announces Major Expansion Plans Related To Community Safety

September 23,2013 by: admin

University, city, and county leaders recently announced a major expansion plan related to their community safety drive related to College Park. The highlight of this upcoming effort is going to be the increased role of the University of Maryland Police Department (UMPD). The surrounding communities will see a spurt in the number of officers in the area along with an enhanced number of patrolling vehicles. There is going to be an enhanced patrolling area encompassing a wider College Park stretch. The plan is going to be in effect on an immediate basis. This concurrent jurisdiction expansion is all set to … (more) September 23, 2013

Penn University Gains Ranking In the Revised Formula

September 18,2013 by: admin

This news reflects the ongoing changes in higher education system in the U.S. during the recent years. President Obama has been emphasizing the need for new rating criteria in the American education system and even announced a plan to this effect recently. Obama recommended that the new ratings should reflect the proactive role of schools in encouraging low-income students to graduate and land job prospects. The recently released University ranking concurs with the President’s announcements. The methodology used for the preparation of this ranking considered 30% from data account related to graduation, making it the main factor and giving it … (more) September 18, 2013

With New Ranking Methodology, College Rankings in USA Change

September 12,2013 by: admin

According to Robert Morse, Director of Data Research, the latest trends and data in higher education has been considered to come up with the mind-blowing results. They have been working on it before, President Obama announced that the Education Department is generating a new rating system that will analyze a school’s success in terms of numbers of low income group students completing graduation and also how the schools prepare their students for a professional career. Under this methodology, graduation related data has come up as the most heavyweight factor accounting for 30% of total ranking marks. On the other hand … (more) September 12, 2013