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Distance Learning Slowly Gaining Respectability

April 21,2010 by: admin

Back in the days, having an online degree doesn’t exactly make a person considered to be as “educated” as his classroom-bound peers were. In fact, some even see distance learning to be a second rate, lower class kind of education – not in the ranks of getting a diploma by attending lectures regularly.

Today, however, things have really started looking up for the distance learning industry. According to studies, with the down economy, more individuals now have the time and motivation to educate themselves further, thus the rise in popularity of taking online courses. With a higher degree, people have better chances of landing a better job, even during this economic crisis.

As most universities with online course offerings start to feel the pressure of higher standards needed to improve the education they’re providing, they have also upped the ante by providing better quality learning to their students. A good handful of universities are now even considering their online degrees of the same value as their on-campus degrees.

Some may argue, though, how is it possible that an online course can have the same merit as a traditional university degree? Most online education institution heads claim that they did managed to enforce measures to see to it that the students’ work can fully compensate with their lack of physical presence.

Unlike the common idea that studying online is way easier, distance learning providers impose strict rules when it comes to submitting coursework. These rules ensure the quality of education their online students get, while, at the same time, assuring the general public that this so-called “alternative method” of getting an education is making its own mark at really being able to help their students learn despite the distance.

Latest reports from these institutions also show that they have seen increase in interest, determined through the swell in the number of inquiries and enrollees they have been receiving lately. Apparently, with the move of most universities to credit online degrees as of the same value with regular courses they offer, more interested parties have seen the advantages of earning higher online education has in store.

In any case, although it might still be true that some people still fall for the misconception that distance learning being “not as good” as traditional classroom-set education, online learning is now slowly building a better image towards credibility and respectability. Surely, in a few years, with more advanced technological innovations, newer trends, more studies, and more suiting policies, online degrees will finally be given the full respect and high-regards it deserve.

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