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Stratford Returns 10% Discount Promo

September 19,2010 by: admin

For those who want to build an educational foundation in Stratford Career Institute, be glad. This distance learning correspondence school is announcing a Back to School promo which offers new students additional 10% off their already discounted tuition fees.

The promotion begins today, August 9 and will keep running until September 9. This is offered to new students upon their enrollment online. Stratford has posted special codes on its Facebook and Twitter which will be used by the students so the further 10% off will be given.

These promotional codes are applicable on every career training course at Stratford. This will also include the school’s program for high school diploma.

John McNeff, the Vice President of Marketing of the Stratford Career Institute said that this is one incredible deal, particularly that they have reduced the regular tuition fees by $300 on all of their courses.

The school said that the promotion aims to persuade adults of any skill level to seize it as a chance for them to improve their education.

McNeff said that now is a very good time to enroll in one of the school’s courses. The convenience of studying at home is perfect for a busy individual these days. Stratford lets students to learn on their desired time instead of being seated in a real classroom or just being before a computer.

Those who are not yet ready to enroll yet but are interested with the courses may request for a career information packet on the Stratford’s courses for free or by going to their website.

Similarly, the 10% off was offered in June, where the promo codes have been also posted in the school’s Twitter and Facebook pages. The discount was the school’s way of gratitude for their friends and fans as well as an invitation for individuals who wanted to join the Stratford community. The promo has lasted from June 13, 2010 to July 12, 2010.

To enroll in Stratford, students must enroll online and pay the minimum down payment. Stratford will ship the first set or module of course materials where the student must study and complete the exams. Upon passing the first set, Stratford will ship the next set, and so on. The student should have completed all coursework and pay the tuition fees in full before Stratford will be providing the personalized career diploma. Courses can be completed depending on the courses and how long the students can finish the materials. Most of the courses are made to be finished within one year, but can take a couple of years to complete.

Stratford employs a unique educational training process that would allow students to finish their schooling and receive their diploma at their own home than being in a real classroom for hours. It houses over sixty home study training classes including a program for high school.

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