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Accreditation for For-profit Colleges, Reviewed

September 07,2010 by: admin

Senator Tom Harkin announced last Wednesday, August 4, 2010 on a hearing that he is planning to scrutinize the accreditation process of for-profit colleges. A report has been featured by the Government Accountability Office exposed that there had been some frauds or deceptions at the fifteen for -profit colleges they have examined as a part of the scrutiny found. Few of the said colleges are two Kaplan Colleges, Corinthian Colleges and a couple of University of Phoenix campuses. With some colleges, it had been found out that prospect enrollees were encouraged to enlist fraudulent dependents and or not to declare … (more) September 7, 2010

Minnesota Schools Seek for Broadband Connection for Better Education

September 06,2010 by: admin

A new research study says that there are a lot of students who does not have the needed access to technology that could be very helpful to them in job searching for the future. Minnesota schools is not that equipped with the technological tools needed for better learning but there is an increasing use of of internet for more school and academic activities like Science, Math and language but according to the Center for Rural Policy and Development in St.Peter, there is a very large gap in reference with the available broadband speed from district to district. With the two … (more) September 6, 2010

Engineering Careers found out to be the Best Career Today and Tomorrow

September 01,2010 by: admin

15.4 million Americans were put out of work as a result of the most recent recession experienced by the world’s economy. Thus it is not easy to create a list of the bests of careers at present. Interestingly, the Labor Department has come up with job growth projections for 2008-2018. According to this prediction among the best opportunities is a Biomedical Engineering career with 72% growth rate. This percentage is totally above the average 10% growth rate of other careers. This fastest growing occupation is also known as Medical Engineering or Bioengineering. What made this particular field of different from … (more) September 1, 2010

Laid-Off Educators Get Their Jobs Back Due To Bill

August 31,2010 by: admin

The Senate has passed a $26 billion measure on Thursday which will be allocated as $16 billion for balancing the states’ Medicaid budgets and $10 billion for school districts to preclude them from firing teachers. It was less than what Education Secretary Arne Duncan has proposed, but the amounts can still provide generous benefits. Educators nationwide find this a relieving opportunity since thousands of teachers in United States have been laid off last summer. Due to low school budgets and hiking expenses, many educators and related employees were fired. The Senate has thought that a need for an emergency stimulus … (more) August 31, 2010

More Minority Teachers Needed For Texas Students

August 21,2010 by: admin

The population of minority students is continuously rising but there is a shortage in the number of teachers. This condition then has left a large number of Hispanic and Black American children without teachers that can serve as their main role models to be better individuals, experts say. In the school year 2008-2009, forty-eight percent of the total enrolees in Texas consisted of Hispanic students and by the school year 2011-2012, it is projected that the population would rise to more than half. The enrolees for black students which rise in a slower pace add up to fourteen percent to … (more) August 21, 2010