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Schools to drive focus on STEM Education

June 27,2010 by: admin

School officials in Cenla are making efforts to enhance the interest of the students towards STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) subjects which are the integral aspects of most careers.

There are a number of initiatives being taken by the officials to help this process. The school systems of Grant, Alles, LaSalle, Catahoula, Avoyelles, Vernon, Winn and Natchitoches have received financial aid, thanks to The Rapides Foundation’s contribution of $1.66 million for the current academic year.

The Rapides Parish School District will receive $521,000 from the money contributed by the foundation.

High schools and colleges all over the United States are showing decline in the number of students who are willing to pursue education under the STEM category. This has resulted in the authorities worrying over the ability of the United States to compete with other countries. Officials also say that they are concerned about the viabilities of the work force in the future if the interest in these fields continues to wane.

The Rapides Foundation’s CEO, Joseph Rosier Jr. said that if you compare the United States with other industrialized nations, the nation does not stand a fair chance at the moment. He went on to say that various countries have various approaches to education and lay emphasis on different factors. He said that Unites States now has to lay importance on the education in the field of math and science in order to stay on par with the competition from various parts of the world.

As per the ACT testing services reports that were published in the Fortune Magazine, only a meager 17% of the students in high school are interested in STEM subjects and an even smaller number are interested in pursuing proficiency in math. The number of students who have opted for STEM subjects in their college is half the number of that in high school.

Rosier went on to mention that The Rapides Foundation that has been regularly using 25% of its annual income towards various aspects of education, has been supporting and encouraging improvement in this field in order to ensure that the future workforce of the nation is much able and versatile as compared to the present day. This is the reason they are now driving focus towards STEM education which holds the key to a skilled workforce.

He said that for the first five years this foundation made contributions to specific schools and for the next five years, they focused on specific districts; however, now their focus is on specific groups and they are starting with the STEM education.

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