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New York’s Times Square to be Redesigned by World Class Architectural Firms

September 08,2010 by: admin

The Department of Transportation along with the Department of Design and Construction announced that it has selected Norwegian architectural firm Snøhetta to redesign the Times Square. Snøhetta is one of the eight firms in the city’s Design + Construction Excellence program and it may have been the architect firm’s experience outside the city that made him won the commission.

For Snøhetta, the redesigning of the Times Square is still a new venture. It was well known for its contributions to the Library of Alexandria and the Oslo Opera House. The public nature of its successful line of stories has made them very much qualified for the project. Joining the firm are the WXY Architecture and Design, Weidlinger Associates, Mathews Nielsen, Billings Jackson Design, and Bexel, all are participants of the Excellence program.

The project to redesign the Times Square began last month. Budget and estimated time frame weren’t announced but according to DOT, the plan will begin in 2012. Included in the group of firms’ jobs is to improve the pedestrian experience in the plazas and the popular spots in the Times Square where special events are being held. This will be specifically handled by the Billings Jackson Design. Craig Dykers, head of the Norwegian Snøhetta‘s office and co-founder, said that they want to improve the quality and atmosphere of the place for pedestrians and bicyclists and also promoting an efficient transportation flow for the city. He looks forward to applying a “distinct Norweigan attitude” about the democratic social space and the lively features that constitute Times Square.

New York City Department of Transportation and the Mayors Fund to Advance New York City initiated a design competition while the Snøhetta is on its developing stage. Meanwhile, the Times Square is adorned by displaying Molly Dilworh’s “Cool Water, Hot Island” work. It will remain on the area for 18 months while the teams are working on a plan to make Times Square a world-class plaza with abundant seating, newly lined and graded roadbeds and accessorized underground structures.

Weildlinger’s in charge James Quinn, P.E., LEED AP, said that the project is a very challenging task to be done on a complex urban infrastructure design. He was pertaining on the project’s every inch being above the subway lines and the twenty-four hours a day life of the streets and sidewalks. Weidlinger, which was one of the working firms, began working on Times Square soon after the historic place was turned into a family-friendly spot.

Tim Tompkins, the Times Square Alliance president, said that his office is thrilled that the City has proven its commitment to quality by choosing a world-class design team for one of the world’s renowned and famous public places.

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