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If You are not Einstein Genius, It is Okay!

October 01,2010 by: admin

Going to college nowadays is definitely not an easy task especially for those who are financially challenged. Indeed considering the current status of the whole world economically it is really a big concern of the American family. In times like this a grant of scholarship can give most of us the impression of one being a high academic achiever, a sports devotee or a multi-talented music genius. Being one of these of course can really make you land with going to college without paying for it using your own money. If you won’t fit on any of these above-mentioned qualifiers you actually need not to worry since being something else can still give you a scholarship grant.

Scholarship or financial aid is an amount of money intended to help students and parents handle tertiary level of education. Grants can be provided both by public or private sponsors. This amount of money is not expected to be repaid thus it could really be of great help to students and their families.

To get a scholarship program one need not be entirely brilliant; most sponsors are actually looking on students who are persistent in attaining good grades. Thus you may now start being persistent if you really serious about getting a scholarship. Persistence is a virtue that will give you free money for college. Most sponsors also are considering those students with significant financial needs.

Sponsors of scholarship and financial aids can be just around the block. Some churches, community organizations and clubs are offering grants. Also you may check your own college or university for any available student aid since most colleges offer scholarship programs. An inquiry would not hurt by the way. It is also good to know if your parents’ employers have special financial aid allotted for employees’ children’s education. If all else fail, ask Mr. Google.

Among the listings (not to mention unusual) of scholarship programs that you may possibly apply without necessitating your self to be Einstein genius includes the following:

In Juanita College, left handed students are the lucky ones for the Frederick and Mary Beckley Scholarship provides $ 1000 to left handed students enrolled in the said college.

Well, it is not just being left-handed that would hand one a pot of money for college, height also matters. A $ 1000 scholarship money is given to women students who has to be 5’10” or taller and for men they must be 6’2” or taller. This financial aid is provided by the Tall Clubs International. Other than being vertically gifted, horizontal blessing can also be a way to deserve a scholarship grant of $ 1000. Yes fat people who are actively participating in fat activism are given scholarship just for being one. This price is given by the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance.

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