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Online Sports Management Degree Rise

June 16,2010 by: admin

In recent years, soccer and rugby in Europe and Asia have followed suit and in the US, baseball and football have long been professional concerns.

Sport and business have never been more connected but with the current trend where sports accounts for the two per cent of GDP and 2.5 percent of total consumer expenditure that is only in UK that if equated this is£3 billion so, there is a need to develop it. The sports industry demands business professionals also. Now, a number of sport-related MBAs have sprung up in recent years.

 Based at the university’s Goodwin College of Professional Studies, the latest is from Drexel University, which has launched an online MSc in Sport Management. This Online sports management degree is designed to help managers and sports administrators to understand the connections between nutrition, psychology, management skills and athletics at a level beyond baccalaureate education.

The program of study focuses on planning, design, implementation and evaluation of sport and recreation programs. This also offers solutions to practical problems in the sport management field. The faculty includes professional coaches, scouts, trainers, and sport administrators. The accredited programme is intended for working professionals. This is offered online. Students have 24/7 online access to class materials, group discussion, instructor feedback and exams. Also available online are range of established sport-related programs.

“We’re very proud to offer our students the outstanding Drexel curriculum within this convenient online format. All of our online programs, including our master of science in sport management, are taught by the same world-renowned faculty as our on-campus courses,” Dr. Kenneth Hartman, academic director for Drexel University Online said.

Currently, one of the best known is the University of Liverpool Management School. It offers
a specialist MBA in football management aimed at those who wish to practice a career in the football industry, whether with football clubs, governing bodies or related marketing, media and sponsorship companies.

The program aim to combine professional development in the field of the football industries with a critical awareness of the issues involved in football management, marketing and administration. Also, it offers students the chance to expand practical experience in the football industry or related industries via a placement scheme. Other distance learning schools run specializations in football finance and management.

Along with Drexel, Columbia Southern University offers an online MBA in Sport Management in USA. In general, this sport and business degree prepares someone to deal with the media, project management, and organizing finances.

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