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Counselors should Cater to All Of Clients

October 14,2010 by: admin

The Supreme Court in United States ruled a case concerning that state universities shout carry anti-bias policies that would become a pre-requisite for the recognition of student associations a month ago. These rules were carried without the exempting Christian student organizations who said that their organizations should be protected to be recognized even if they will not accept gay people.

 Recently, a new problem emerged involving a similar type of issue. A master’s student from eastern Michigan who did not want to counsel gay students was kicked out. The university offers a counseling program as requirement by counseling organizations and by its program. The judge learned that the university is following a valid curricular requirement which is that all students in counseling should work to everyone. Their inner dispositions, beliefs and values should not affect how to choose a client.

Judge George Steeh ruled out a lawsuit against the university’s action to disobey the constitution. The lawsuit concerns about free speech and religious freedom. Juleas Ward was then expelled out of the program. Even if the verdict was supposed to project the university as a winner in the case, it does not seem to solve the entire problem.

The Alliance Defense Fund defends Ward out of his case. The ADF is an organization aimed in protecting the religious belief of its members. This organization had recently charged Augusta State University which has a similar case with the issue of Ward. The engagement can reach the Supreme Court.

Both had reasonable arguments to defend their claims.

According to an officer of the Alliance Defense Fund David French, the case of the Supreme Court and the ruling defines a limit around places. He said that the freedom bestowed upon individuals and administrators in each school are decreasing. He told that schools and universities should uphold the idea of freedom among students and religious groups. Moreover, the ruling in eastern Michigan might create speech codes in public universities by simply labeling them as course requisites.

However, a professor in Eastern Michigan told that she was satisfied with the ruling of the judge. According to Irene Ametrano, the judge saw the issue as not a part of a religious campaign or right. She said that being a part of a professional program requires a serious obligation and duty. The duty and requirement is that for the person to perform a sense of obligation geared towards the development of all whatever the race, gender and age the person might belong to.

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