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Gamble You Grades

October 27,2010 by: admin

Entering college needs a lot of work. Students are required to do a lot of requirements like tests, quizzes and assignments in order for them to pass a particular subject. Some students aim to surpass and get a grade higher than the usual marks. They tend to study and work harder for them to achieve a higher grade.

Students believed that getting high marks on their subjects means a lot thing. They can be employed much faster on other companies. They can get and retain their scholarships while studying. They can also show these marks on their parents in exchange with a material thing. And more importantly, students will feel the joy and satisfaction of being on top. However, these are not the only reasons that motivate students to study more than usual.

A new company now offers money as form of motivation for students especially on the college level. Ultrinsic, a one-year old company in the United States, pays students who get high grades. Getting money from your grades through gambling is a lot of fun says a sophomore student in Duke University.

The service by Ultrinsic works only with few simple steps. The company requires the student to fill a non-freshmen fill out form indicating the courses they have taken from the previous semesters and their respective grades. Then, Ultrinsic follows an equation or formula to determine the probability of the student earning the expected grade. The formula contains certain factors like the name of the school, the course which the student enrolled, the instructor and the grade distribution along a department.

The student will be paid if the grade is met. Otherwise, the student will pay the company based on the amount they agreed to. The minimum amount is $25.00 and this amount could rise depending on the student’s confidence in reaching the particular grade. Similar with other gambling games, the formula that Ultrinsic follows is designed for the company to win more.

Many students are lured towards the offer and game of this company. However, the issue on the appropriateness of gambling to education is still questioned. Some researches said that using money as a form of reward to students does more harm on the students because the knowledge that they get is more short term. However, gambling has a significant effect in terms of motivating the student to study more. How can we pressure the student to do more if we can’t show the student the price of his efforts afterwards.

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