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Is Common Core the Education Standard We Need?

June 23,2014 by: admin

Controversy dots the field of Common Core, but is it a fight for education or a power struggle? There are so many questions and accusations flying around that it can be difficult to keep up, but you just have to ask the right questions.

Common Core is meant to simplify education standards by unifying the curriculum of the states. This will prevent excess college courses created to ensure students are up to par, as well as improving American’s global education competitiveness. But of the 45 states which originally opted into Common Core, Oklahoma, Indiana and South Carolina have already left and others such as Ohio are getting flighty. So why are they leaving?
Many web articles point out political control and stress on teachers as being the major issues resulting in desertion, but we have yet to run into a pro-Common Core article pointing out the issue of the pornographic novels in the English curriculum brought up in Oklahoma, or the failing fruits of math curriculum brought up in Arkansas.

Politically attuned spokesmen have accused the Federal Government of using Common Core as a foothold to wrestle education control from the States. The Government would indeed have complete control over curriculum and testing standards. Is this power struggle in our best interests?
The Government was used to jumpstart education in the early days of the nation, but maybe relying on the government now is outdated.  It has been proven that government programs are less efficient than private institutions. This is because money is earned in the private market only if your work is in demand, while in the government you get paid as long as taxes come in. Not to say government workers are lazy, but that the organization itself has no motivation to rethink its strategies and improve.

Why are foreign schools competing with ours so strongly? Is it because Americans are lazy? Is it because our curriculums not uniform? Or is it because foreign schools are privatized? Japanese parents choose where they send their children for school, and schools will fail if they are not competitive. Privatized education will set its standard to the times and just like Yale and Harvard, schools will gain reputations.
Maybe instead of asking ourselves whether we should implement Common Core in our states, we should ask whether our education systems should be run by our government.

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