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Joint Customers of Blackboard and SunGard Higher Education Have a Reason to Jubilate

April 01,2010 by: admin

Blackboard and SunGard have come up with a new initiative to deliver best results to their joint customers. The companies have come with an agreement that guarantees better integration and improved support to their customers.

The emphasis is on improving the Web-based teaching and learning platform called Blackboard Learn by integrating it with the Digital Campus solutions by SunGard Higher Education. This initiative comes as an assurance of a complete customer satisfaction.

Moving forward, the customers making use of Blackboard’s online education platforms will get added support from SunGard Higher Education. Blackboard will gain the status of being technology partner to SunGard Higher Education. To make this initiative reach its objective, the staff providing the required support and integration services will be provided relevant training on each of the company’s products. This will keep them better equipped to cater to their customers.

Echoing his views on this move, Ray Henderson, president of Blackboard Learn said “This partnership is a sign of our focus on improving client experience. Our clients rely heavily on integration between SunGard and Blackboard products. This is a positive step forward in our collaboration to improve both technology and product support for our mutual clients.”

SunGard Higher Education’s too sees it as increased scope through this move. Their vision of Open Digital campus has got further emphasized through this agreement. Fred Weiss, senior vice president, SunGard Higher Education expresses his view saying “We are pleased to announce this relationship with Blackboard to provide more choices and extensible approaches that give customers room to grow and evolve their unique vision of digital campus”.

SunGard Higher Education is an established name is providing the best-in-class academic technology and support. The move to integrate with Blackboard will prove to be extremely beneficial for all the companies that have adopted SunGard Higher Education’s technology so far. It will help them in organizing the information in a relevant manner and also provide extended support the institutions may need.

Improved integration will call for added trainings and joint testing of SunGard Higher Education’s technology. This would lead to better performance and better services to all its customers. This strategic move by both the companies has succeeded in bringing together the best in academic technology with the finest in the field of technology and innovative solutions.

The joint customers who are going to enjoy the benefit of this strategic agreement indeed have a lot to look forward to.

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