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Kaplan encourages talent through Facebook and Twitter!

April 02,2010 by: admin

Social websites have finally brought about an excellent opportunity career wise by bringing Kaplan continuing education’s program for career training to Twitter and Facebook! One of the leaders in the field of distance learning, Kaplan has many firsts to its credit, one of which is the use of social media for reaching out to students.

These websites being popular among the young gives this program an easier connectivity to students.

Kaplan offers different programs for these career trainings, by posting online all the information required. Instead of facebook and twitter just remaining as social websites, Kaplan says that career relationships can be built as well.

The president of Kaplan continuing education, Rot Trautman says that they have established pages that make students involve and participate in the online education provided by them. He finds these commercial websites a brilliant way to communicate to the needed set of people. The people who achieve brilliantly are thoroughly encouraged by this program. He feels that this is a new way to make learning more fun and network. And he hopes that by encouraging people, they would keep Kaplan going and become a fan of Kaplan continuing education programs.

About the program

  1. It provides students with online training programs and making them professionals in their career.
  2. It gives strong foundations for a future filled with great opportunities.
  3. It retains quality and provides certificates in areas like finance, information technology, EMS, business, health care and fire.
  4. This program also trains you in giving solutions in business based on the websites.

About the university

Kaplan is a big university offering a complete range of ideas for higher education. Kaplan continuing education being just a part of it helps students a little older to find their passion and let out their talents. The school balancing practical and theory provide strength to the students who can face the world with confidence. It provides students with over 123 programs and over 66000 campus and online based students are served.

This university serves 104,000 students over the net. And in the US and a few other countries there are over 70 campus schools. Students of varying age groups are encouraged to exhibit their talents. This university provides students with a rainbow range of opportunities like degrees for graduation and diplomas, and for degrees in a profession and also tags a certificate along with it. It provides its students with complete training from small tests to exams that are very significant.

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