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Online education gets a boost with the new education funding proposal

November 19,2012 by: admin

The Michigan Public Education Finance Act that has been recently proposed by the state government would serve as a replacement to the 1979 School Aid Act which currently governs the funding, education and selection process in Michigan.

The advisors for Snyder said that the main objective of bringing about radical changes to the current act is to create citizens who can carve out a career successfully. However, the educators in this state who have been waiting to get a sneak peek into the bill being proposed fear the worst. They opine that the implementation of the new draft bill would eliminate the local control of educational institutions and give rise to a system that would work in favor of for-profit companies, in addition to worsening the academic achievement of students.

On Friday, Free Press was able to get hold of the draft bill which will be proposed in February during the budget presentation by Snyder. This new bill will eliminate the district ownership of students. The students will get an option to complete their studies from open districts that accept their enrolment. However, districts will be given an option to decide on whether they would like to sign up for the open enrolment process. The districts in the state that offer online courses will be given public funding depending upon its performance. Students will be given access to online learning from anywhere in the state, the cost of which will be borne by this state government.  Each semester, up to $10,000 will be set aside to award $2500 scholarships to students who complete their high school education early. This bill also encourages round the year schooling by proposing a 180 day academic year spread over the entire year instead of the existing nine months, without a break of over two weeks at a stretch.

School officials and educators in the state who have met up to discuss the bill have come up with a strong opposition to it since there are many inadequacies that need to be addressed and revisions made since they feel that it lack control over quality.

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