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Rise in tuition by 3.5% in Kent state university

July 13,2011 by: admin

Owing to the state budget as well as record enrollment, the Kent State University has stated that it would be raising tuition by 3.5%. KSU officials had announced in a news release, that they were the second largest public university in the State of Ohio to have recorded the highest enrollment in its entire history which goes back a hundred years.

The 3.5% hike in tuition was approved by the trustees. This hike would be effective during the upcoming fall semester, on the graduate and undergraduate courses in the eight campuses in the university.

The increase in tuition was due to the concerns regarding serious financial challenges that the state might face. Based on the fresh state budget, KSU officials stated that Kent State was projected to receive around $16 million less via state funding for the 2011-2012 when compared to the previous year.

There is a state mandated limit on the increase in undergraduate tuition for 2011-2012. The approved increase in tuition is in accordance with that. Per semester, the undergraduate tuition for students in the campus at Kent would be increased by $158 and would be effective from fall semester 2011. So, the tuition would go up from $4,515 to $4,673. The graduate tuition would increase by $168 per semester, and would go up from $4,803 to $4,971.

However, there would be no increased surcharge for the non-Ohio residents. Lester Lefton, Kent State President has stated that both the parents and the students recognized the value added education that Kent State provides. Here, at the Kent University, the students’ expectations are met as they are offered some of the world-class programs that are taught by quality teaching faculty that are part of a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive community. The students’ success is ensured by Kent State and hence it continues to remain high on the popularity charts as one of Ohio’s ‘most affordable’ public universities.

The support offered by the state officials, for higher education was appreciated by Jacqueline Woods, Chair, Kent State Board of Trustees. She appreciated the fact that this support was offered despite going through difficult economic times. She also stated that they were happy that Governor Kasich, the Chancellor, and the General Assembly had continued to value higher education and also placed Ohio among some of the topmost higher education systems in the nation due to the quality, accessibility, impact, and value that it offered.

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